• How to Encourage Grit in your Child

    encourage grit in children

    People often ponder the question “what makes a person successful?” Is it because of how hard they work? How much effort or practice they put in? There’s one underlying factor.


    Simply defined as a child’s perseverance and passion for long-term goals. The reality is, every one of us – including our children, will fail at some point. It’s inevitable. Despite all our effort, we won’t always get what we strive for. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the end.

    Grit keeps you standing when everything else is falling apart. It prevents you from giving up and pushes you to try again and again and again…

    Grit by Angela Duckworth talks about how to develop grit – the combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress for years, or even decades.

    Wonder what you/your children’s grit score is? Click here to take the quiz.

    Here are ways to help encourage grit in your child.

    Embrace struggles and mistakes

    Encourage your children to talk about their mistakes or challenges. Allow them to open up to you about struggles they’re facing. It’s okay for them to take risks, sometimes it will pay off and other times it won’t. Let them know it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as they don’t give up. The only way to develop grit is to face the problems and difficulties, then investigate solutions to overcome them. Praise them for their effort and dedication and encourage them to keep going.

    Failure or mistakes aren’t something to be ashamed of. Help your child to think of mistakes as the best teachers. They’re pillars of where to focus on for improvement.

    Perfection isn’t the Point

    One of the most common reason for children to quit is the fear of judgement. They tend to think that they aren’t good enough. But you know that’s not true. Offer encouragement by highlighting how much work and effort they have put into the journey and explain that it isn’t about the outcome/result. Help your children to realise it’s not about chasing perfection – it’s about progress.

    Enjoy the journey

    Teach them to love the journey, despite the outcome. For example, a sports team wants to win the tournament. They train for over 2 months and reach the finals but they didn’t win. Yes, they didn’t get the trophy. But what did they gain? New found friendships, memories, lessons learned, and a whole lot of fun! Encourage them to seize the moment and enjoy the journey.

    Just keep swimming

    Grit keeps you standing when everything else is falling apart. It prevents you from giving up and pushes you try again and again and again…

    If you’d like to learn more about grit, watch this TED talk by Angela Duckworth.

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