• 5 easy tips to help get kids to clean their rooms

    get kids to clean their bedrooms

    Getting your kids cleaning

    Are you struggling to get your kids to clean their bedrooms? Are clothes everywhere? Is the bed made? How often do you have to tell your kids to clean their rooms?

    Maybe the kids don’t know where to start? Here’s a simple guide to help make those dirty and unorganised rooms a thing of the past.

    Tip 1: Lead by example

    Kids are far more responsive by what we as parents do than what we say. They observe your actions and look up to you. If it’s seen as normal to have a clean and tidy house/room, the kids are likely to follow what you do normally. Set a good example.

    Tip 2: Define what a “clean” room means

    Make it clear to your kids what factors go into making a room clean. It could be making sure the toys are put away, the bed is clean and the desk is organised. The best thing to do is write a checklist that your kids are able to follow each time. They can then focus on completing each job on the list and not have to think about what the next step is.

    get kids to clean their bedrooms

    Tip 3: Does everything have a place in their room?

    It’s hard to keep a room tidy if you don’t have the necessary storage containers to keep everything in. Provide your kids with boxes, containers, bins to ensure they put everything in its rightful place. This helps keep organisation quick and easy. Also, you can label each container so your kids know where their items are kept.

    Tip 4: Initially, do chores together

    At the start of teaching them about chores, it’s important to do them together. You can show them the right way to fold and put away their clothes or help them make their bed. You can have fun and blast some music on while cleaning, making it less of a chore and more of a norm. Did I mention it’s a great time to bond with your kids?

    Tip 5: Don’t forget to encourage them

    Soon enough your kids will clean their rooms on their own without you reminding them. When this happens, be ready to embrace them and give them words of encouragement. After all, kids perform better when someone notices their hard work.

    Conclusion: Older kids, different rules

    If your kids are pre-teens or teenagers, they sure know how to clean a room. As a parent, it’s okay to take a step back. Give them more freedom and have faith they will stick to what you taught them. Otherwise set weekly/monthly deadlines they can work towards.

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