• What’s God teaching you in the wilderness?

    teaching in the wilderness

    “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” –Ecclesiastes 3:1

    Do you feel like you’re in the wilderness? Going through a tough season in your life? Left wondering, “why is this happening to me?!” Don’t despair! God has a purpose and plan for our lives so it’s important to be aware of every season (good or bad).

    The wilderness looks different for everyone. For example, financial stress, bad relationships, bad grades, hurtful breakup, etc. It’s important to look for opportunities to learn and grow as you walk through the wilderness. God didn’t promise a life full of only good days. Open your eyes to what God might be teaching you. Here are some ways to respond to your wilderness.

    Get A Grip

    Wisdom is essential to get through the wilderness with victory. Some people get lost along the way, searching for and doing the wrong things. Stop, pause and try to understand why God has put you through this particular situation. What is He trying to teach you? How can He use this situation for the better in the future? Rather than complaining or feeling discouraged through this season, seek God’s guidance and wisdom.

    An Effective Tool

    Proverbs 27:17 illustrates how iron sharpens iron. Going through friction and strife, God is sharpening you into a more effective tool. Before you wallow in frustration when you’re going through problems in life, ask yourself and God what needs to change in you. Get honest with God and ask Him what you could improve on. You’ll continue to grow as a Christian and leave the wilderness victorious!

    Punishment or Growth?

    Think of a tough season in your life as a training ground. God is in the midst of testing, training and preparing you for your greatest days! Ask God to renew your perspective and view the wilderness as a place of growth, not punishment.

    Can there be joy?

    The wilderness doesn’t have to be a sad and frustrating situation. Because of who God is, you can always have joy – no matter what! Literally. Joy isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice. Remember, your joy isn’t dependent on the outcome of your situation.

    Be willing to adapt, grow and listen to God’s teaching. He will use you and your situation to possibly inspire others in the future. Just listen to His whispers.

    Find joy in the everyday. Not because life is always good. But because God is.

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