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    healthy lunch box ideas

    Lunch Box Ideas for Your Children

    The school lunch box you give your children contains up to ⅓ of their daily intake of nutrients. So it’s important to prepare an appetising yet healthy lunch box for your children. When packing a lunch box for your children, you should feel confident you’re providing them with healthy foods and nutritional supply of food to get them through the day with the energy they need to function.

    The Core 4 Lunch Box Ideas

    You can ensure your kids are functioning at an optimum level by including the right components in their lunch box. According to the Healthy Kids Association, your lunchbox should consist of the Core 4:

    1. Main Lunch
    2. Core Snack (e.g. carrots w/ hummus dip, reduced fat yoghurt)
    3. Pieces of Fruit (e.g. blueberries, strawberries, bananas, apples)
    4. Water 99% fruit juice or reduced fat milk drink (for added variety)

    Here are some interesting recipes you could use for the main lunch:

    Packing Your Lunch Box in Style

    As we know with children, packaging matters. If your children don’t eat what you’ve prepared in the lunch box, all your hard work has gone to waste. Make the meal appetising for your children by adding design elements. You can simply add a smiley face to their sandwich, decorate according to their favourite cartoons, or make “seasonal” inspired lunch boxes (e.g. Christmas, Easter). You can follow @LunchboxDad on Instagram for inspiration. So be creative and get your children excited about eating healthy foods.

    You can also include a note that encourages, inspires, and motivates them. Let them know how much you appreciate them and remind your children of your immense love for them.

    Start your children on a healthy track early on and they’ll thank you later.

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