5 Refreshing Ideas for the Holidays in Darwin

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Want to make the most of the upcoming holidays in Darwin? It’s always good to get a head start in planning and organising the activities that will make your holidays fun and refreshing.

Here are five great ideas for the holidays in Darwin:

1. Get off to a clean start

cleaning house in darwin

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This may come as a surprise but use the time to declutter your house, your rooms and garage. Choose to keep only the important things and donate the rest of your stuff to your local Salvos or Vinnies. Start your holidays with a fresh and clean house because it can help you relax knowing that you’ve got a tidy house to come home to. Want to learn more about the art of decluttering? Watch the insightful documentary “Minimalism”.

2. Read enriching books

reading a book on holidays in darwin

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Finishing books can be hard when you’ve got so many things going on in your life. Allocate 1 hour every day to finish off books you haven’t gotten the chance to get to. If you’re ready to start reading new books, choose authors that inspire you and fill you with fresh ideas. Koorong has a wide selection of books for all ages.

Have you tried colouring books? According to the Huffington Post, colouring books can be therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem-solving, and organizational. Spend time with your children, colouring together. You can find colouring books here.

3. A tourist in your own city

touring litchfield national park in darwin for holidays

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Staycation in Darwin! There’s plenty to explore and enjoy in our own town. Feeling a tad adventurous? Try a jumping crocodile cruise or visit Crocosaurus Cove. Want to explore the markets and beaches? Parap Markets has fantastic finds and Mindil Beach is just as spectacular. How about a water park day at Leanyer Water Park? Or a relaxing day at the Botanical Gardens?

4. Camping

douglas hot springs in darwin for holidays

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What better way to unwind than going camping with the whole family! Thankfully, in Darwin, God’s blessed us with a wide range of camping experiences. If you’re interested in going for a bit of a hike and swimming next to waterfalls, Litchfield National Park is the spot! Feeling a bit more adventurous? Kakadu National Park is the largest national park in Australia. Have a swim at Gulom’s natural infinity pool, watch the beautiful Ubirr sunset and learn about the rich culture and heritage of the historic park. You can also take a book and dip in the Tjuwaliyn/Douglas Hot Springs for a relaxing time in the thermal pools.

5. Start a new hobby

starting a new hobby in darwin for the holidays

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The holidays are a perfect time for you to start something new and do something you’ve never done. You can choose to play a new sport like CrossFit, hiking, swimming or netball. Another option is to do crafty things like knitting, crocheting or learning calligraphy. Learn new skills such as cooking/baking, photography or even card-making.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to enjoy every moment of your holiday and appreciate each day you get.

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