• 10 Things to Pray for Your Children [Free Download]

    women praying for her children

    There’s a point in every parent’s life where you realise you can’t control everything. Because soon enough, children grow into adults making their own decisions in life. But you don’t have to throw your hands up in defeat – instead get on your knees, seek wisdom and help from God. After all, He created your child and can give them a greater love and purpose in their lives.

    When praying, it’s important to be specific. Here are 10 ways to pray for your child from the time that their babies till they’re all grown-up.

    10 Things to Pray for

    1. Pray for Salvation

    Lord, May my child love You with all their heart, mind and soul and that they would love their neighbours as themselves. Help them to seek your Word and trust in You.

    1. Pray for Character

    Lord, pour out Your spirit of strength and guidance upon my child that he/she may bear the spiritual fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

    1. Pray for Godly Friends

    Lord, Surround my child with others who have a heart for You. Help them develop and maintain Godly, healthy friendships and lead them to love and support one another.

    1. Pray for Purity

    Lord, guide my children and help keep their thoughts pure in thought and deed. Keep them humble and obedient to You and those around him/her.

    1. Pray for Protection

    Lord, protect my child from harm or disaster. Give him/her refuge during the storms of life and remind them of Your love and guidance.

    1. Pray for Joy & Peace

    Lord, shine Your light down on my child fill his/her heart with pure joy. May you give my child rest and peace as they go about their day.

    1. Pray for Strength Against Temptation

    Lord, may my child have discernment to identify and resist temptation. Give him/her the courage to stand up for his/her faith.

    1. Pray for a Servant’s Heart

    Lord, grant my child a servant’s heart – one that is compassionate to whoever he/she meets. Motivated to work hard to build Your kingdom.

    1. Pray for the Future

    Lord, may you give my child a hope and a plan for the future. One that is good and according to Your purpose.

    1. Pray for Guidance as a Parent

    Lord, grant me Your guidance in all my family decisions and plans. May my child grow in Your loving grace and become who he/she is meant to be.

    Free Download – 10 Things to Pray for Your Children

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