• Trusting God in Difficult Times

    trusting god

    “Everything’s going wrong! How am I supposed to trust in God when times are tough?!”

    Sometimes, our circumstances are out of our control and things don’t go to plan. God calls us to trust Him in the midst of our lives and especially in the darker times. God hasn’t promised a life without hardship or trials.

    Living in a fallen world

    Don’t forget that we live in a fallen world. When situations go wrong and you’re faced with difficulties – this isn’t a reflection on the power and authenticity of God’s love. It also doesn’t necessarily mean we have sinned against Him or displeased Him. It simply means the present world isn’t the world God intended it to be.

    Let go and let God

    God does answer every prayer, but he does not always answer “yes.” Sometimes, He says “no”, “wait” or “I’ve got something else in store”. You don’t have to feel disappointed or worried if it doesn’t go your way. God always has your best interest in mind and He loves you. Remember, God knows more than you do.

    Eternal perspective

    This world is only temporary. It’s easier to trust God when you focus on the fact that this life (its joys, struggles and pain) is only temporary, but heaven is eternal. It’s important to adopt the eternal perspective when things are going tough.

    Be Grateful

    Write down a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, once a week. Your life can get so busy, you tend to forget to pause and reflect. Noticing the good things happening in your life help you develop a more positive attitude. You can also begin to see God’s hand in all circumstances.


    Prayer connects your heart to God’s. So, pray from the heart because God is listening and He hears you. You can pray for protection, strength and comfort in difficult times.

    When times get tough, fix your eyes on the one who gave you this life. Seek His comfort and protection. Remember, this too shall pass.

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