6 Fun Board Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

board games for families

Board Games for Families

Before the App Store existed, board games were the jam! People could get together, choose a board game and play for hours. It was a great way to socialise, learn strategy and develop communication skills.

Even to this day (with the App Store on hand), board games are still a popular way for families to spend time together. There are games for every age group and there are some that are fun for both adults and children.

Board games allow the whole family to step away from technology, have great fun and spend quality time together. Games are a great way to understand your child’s thought process, strategic abilities and how they deal with teamwork. You will learn a lot about each other and bond together.

Here are 7 board games that the whole familiy will enjoy:

1. Spot it!

spot it board game

Spot it is an easy-to-learn game and you can play it many times without getting bored. It is also very compact and a great game to carry around anywhere. Take it to the beach, on a road trip or family holiday!

How the game works:

Players spot the match on the card in the middle pile which corresponds with the card in their pile. Whoever matches the fastest, gets the card!

The provider says this game is for players ages 7 and above, however given it is fairly simple and visual – you can can give it a go with your 4-6 year olds

2. Disney HeadBanz

disney headbanz board game

Remember the game charades, where people got a topic/character and had to act it out? HeadBanz has a similar concept to that.

How the game works:

Everyone puts on a plastic headband and takes a card from the pile (not looking at it), places it on the headband for everyone to see. You have to guess what is on your card before the time runs out.

HeadBanz is a great game for the whole family. You can choose to implement the time limit or not and have fun with it! There are expansion packs you can buy to add more variety (once you have played it too much and memorised those cards).

3. Ticket to Ride (Original or First Journey: Junior)

ticket to ride board game

Ticket to Ride is a little harder to learn but definitely worth it! The game says the age listing is 8 and above, however, with assistance, you can introduce it to your younger children and see how they go.

How the game works:

There is a map of either the US, Europe and more on the board. You must earn the most points to win. Players must play sets of cards of the same colour in order to place their train carriage on the map and seek to complete specific routes.

The game has quite a good amount of strategy. You can also play in teams of two, if you’d like. There’s a good reason Ticket to Ride has become such a popular board game for families to play!

4. Pie Face

pie face board game

If you haven’t played Pie Face yet, your whole family is in for a whole lot of fun and laughter! Pie Face is a very simple game that doesn’t have a lot of “strategy” in it. But it is an exciting and fun board game, particularly for families with younger kids.

How the game works:

Place your face near the cut-out and turn the handle. For each time you turn the handle and don’t get “splatted” (with whipped cream), you score a point! Beware: the handle could go off at any moment!

5. Sushi Go

Sushi Go Board Game

Sushi Go quickly became a hit because it is easy to learn and fun for a whole group of people.

How the game works:

Your goal is to get the best combination of sushi by the end of the game. You must choose and pass cards around the table to make up your plate of ‘sushi’. The one with the most points wins.

The game is exciting for everyone because it’s a fast-paced game with a little bit of strategy.

6. Sequence

sequence board game

Sequence has more strategy and thinking required but at the same time is quite simple. The board game is easy to understand and there are different versions for age groups.

How the game works:

You can play Sequence in teams or individually. Depending on the number of teams/individuals, your goal is to make one (or two) ‘sequences’ before your opponent. The first to make a sequence wins!

Some games go for 20 minutes others can go for 45 minutes! The game is great for the whole family to enjoy together.

Family Board Games

As a family, you can schedule a board game night. For example, every Tuesday one family member gets to pick the game and the winner gets a prize (yes, adults can get prizes too)!

This way, every family member gets to pick the game they like and try new ones. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Put the phone down, take the board games out and have some family fun!

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