4 Simple Keys to Building a Stronger Family

building strong families

The word “family” can mean so many different things for people. The word may bring up happy and comforting memories or it might not. Not one family is the same and that’s okay.

Our families show us what it means to truly love one another, to stick by each other through thick and thin and to forgive. A strong family knows how to support each other, how to actively listen to each other and encourage each other in the toughest of moments.

Let’s be clear: A perfect family does not exist.

We need to stop aiming for perfection. Stop comparing our families to other families. Stop believing the lies that ourfamily isn’t “good enough” or isn’t quite “normal”. We needto stay in our lanes and pass the baton to the One who knows best. God will lead your family if you let Him.

You can start implementing these 4 keys to building a stronger family today.

1. Be aware

The first part of building a stronger family is to be aware that you need to build it! Life can get in the way and distract you on the path of focussing on your family but continue to be aware of the need.

2. Open communication

Communication doesn’t only mean having open talks where each family member can say what they have in mind but also where each family actively listens where everyone can feel heard and respected. Create a time and space where you can haveheart to heart communication and truly say what you feel and also sincerely hear what others have to say, too.

3. Continuously learn

People take steps in furthering their professional career by taking up more training like conferences, courses, etc. This can be applied to your family life and marriage, too. It’s good to keep acquiring knowledge and wisdom through books, church, retreats or even simply through a podcast. Another way to learn is through sharing your experiences with other families and listening to their experiences, too.

4. Pay attention and join in

Do you know what makes your loved ones tick? What makes them excited, happy or valued? What they like or dislike? When building a strong family, it’s important to learn what makes your family feel loved and heard. Paying attention to them and being actively involved in their lives can show that you love them, you appreciate them and you don’t take them for granted.

Put in the effort and be intentional

A strong family isn’t built in one day – it takes time, effort and genuine care. Be patient and keep running your race. God is there to pick you up, to encourage you and guide you to build a stronger family for His glory.

What’s the best way to serve your family?

You don’t have to be the perfect parent to love your children. You don’t have to be the perfect child to make your parents proud. You can intentionally work at building a stronger family step by step, day by day. Sometimes, it takes just showing up.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

Mother Teresa

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