What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?

learning styles for children

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3 Learning Styles for Children

Parents and educators have identified three main learning styles in children – visual, kinesthetic and auditory. A learning style is how a person processes information. Most children will have a balance of the three styles, but a certain learning style may allow them to thrive even more. As parents, it’s important to understand how your child learns best in order to help them succeed in the best way they can.

Here are the 3 learning styles and how you can encourage your child’s learning style.

1. Visual Learning

Visual learning is a style that allows children to process information through their sense of sight.

A child whose learning style is visual means they learn best when they use their sight. For example, they would need visual cues, objects or pictures to best process information. This kind of learner may have a keen interest in design, illustration, art or photographs/videos. They tend to enjoy learning through screens like a computer, tablet or a movie.

Indications your child is a visual learner:

  • Vivid imagination
  • A strong visual memory of people, places, things
  • Keen interest in observing the world and environment around him/her
  • Articulates things through visual memory
  • Good sense of direction and understanding of maps

How do you encourage your child’s visual learning?

  • Create a vision board rather than a list of goals
  • Encourage them to look at illustrations before reading information in a book
  • Help them create and use flashcards to study a subject
  • Allow them to draw or be creative in their learning

2. Auditory Learning

Auditory learning is a style that allows children to process information through hearing.

A child whose learning style is auditory means they learn best through speaking and hearing information. For example, collaborating and discussing projects can help your child learn better. They may like to memorise through rhythm or song and can be musically inclined. Auditory learners can follow verbal directions well.

Indications your child is an auditory learner:

  • They can follow verbal directions well
  • Aptitude in music, instruments, or vocal ability
  • Love to talk and discuss with others
  • Sharp ability to notice sounds that others don’t recognise

How do you encourage your child’s auditory learning?

  • Let them study through singing songs
  • Introduce them to podcasts to listen to
  • Have them read the textbook or book aloud
  • Let them try audiobooks for reading
  • Try playing music in the background

3. Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning is a style that allows children to process information through physical interactions with concepts and materials.

A child whose learning style is kinesthetic means they learn best through a hands-on approach, physical demonstrations and can learn while in motion. For example, taking a concept from the textbook and physically applying the principles right after may help them learn the concepts better. Your child may have this learning style if they are good at sports, dance or things that involve physical movement. They may also like to count using their fingers and/or use a lot of gestures.

Indications your child is a kinesthetic learner:

  • Aptitude in sports, dance, or other physical activities
  • Tendency to fidget and/or has a need to move around
  • Uses gestures while speaking or explaining things
  • Loves to be hands-on with various activities
  • Good hand-eye coordination

How do you encourage your child’s kinesthetic learning?

  • Allow them to move around while processing information
  • Let them do things and learn by themselves
  • Encourage them to write, draw or act out what they are learning

Discovering your child’s learning style is about finding what will help them succeed and learn at their best. Every child is unique in their own way. All 3 of these learning styles can appear in a child. However, it’s about discovering what will help them learn the best. If they are stronger in one learning style – encourage them to thrive in it.

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