7 Traits of Successful Christian Parenting

christian parenting

What does successful Christian parenting look like to you?

Maybe it’s to help your children join and grow in their youth groups. Maybe it’s to draw your children closer to God’s heart. Successful Christian parenting can be as simple as guiding your children to cultivate their hearts for God.

Ask yourself: What’s my goal as a parent?

Often times, life gets in the way and we forget to create goals, principles, and values that are important to us. The answer to this question could possibly define how you raise your children, how you nurture them and how you create boundaries.

You are the best model for Christianity

Your children watch you, idolise you and look up to you! They see what you do day in and day out, they know what you value, and they know what’s important to you. If Jesus Christ is the most important person in your life, let them see that. Let your children in and show them how God’s love and salvation impacts your life. Then they may know Him personally, too.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Here are 6 traits of successful Christian parenting.

1. Make the gospel known early and often

When you’re just a kid, reading the Bible can be this daunting “task”. As parents, we have to help our children consume the Word in a way they can understand. Maybe it’s by buying a Children’s Illustration Bible, or Manga Version Bible. Or maybe it’s as simple as sitting down and teaching our children how to read the Bible!

2. Teach them that they are valued, unique and have a purpose for their lives

God’s made each of us in His image. Tell your children they are beautiful, they are valued and are made specially by God. This way their self-esteem doesn’t have to come from what people think or how people perceive them. Their self-esteem can come from a God who loves them dearly.

3. Recognise their God-given gifts and talents

God’s given each of us special gifts and talents that we can use to glorify Him. Discover your child’s abilities, ask them what they are interested in and help them grow that passion. For example, if it’s playing the drums, give them the opportunity to attend classes. If they want, they can even use that gift to play in your church’s band.

4. Exemplify grace and forgiveness in your household

Grace can be a hard concept to explain, and it’s probably because the best way to explain grace is to actually give grace or experience grace yourself. Jesus did this by dying on the cross for us even though we were still sinners. He even extended grace to those that put him on that cross. Extend grace to your children in certain situations and take that opportunity to teach them about it.

5. Be supportive of others and a humble servant to them

This life is not meant to be only about us. We are very relational humans and it’s important to teach your children the importance of connection. Show them that they can serve anytime, anywhere to anyone. Families go on mission trips together and it’s a great opportunity to let them experience what it means to truly serve those in need and be grateful for their lives.

6. Encourage your children to value hard work

Serving others is a great way to teach them about hard work. They can also reap the benefits of working hard at school, getting homework done early, or even playing their best at their sports events.

7. Above all, give glory to God

Our lives and how we live it are a way to glorify God – a goal in any Christian’s life.

Show your children His way, and pray that they follow Him. As they grow up, they may be influenced by this world or they may stay close to His Word. The important thing is to never give up on your children, just as God didn’t give up on you.

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