The One Minute Rule: Get Things Done

get things done

Do you have tasks that you just don’t want to do? Sometimes, simply because they seem annoying at the exact moment?

You know things like…cleaning the kitchen bench, making your bed or unpacking your bag. These tasks seem really simple to do but they are often ignored or set aside for later.

Life can be overwhelming at times and having a to-do list just continues to add to the stress. These small tasks that are usually ignored can begin to pile up and eventually frustrate us. A lot of the times we think “Ahhh, I’ll do it later” or “I’ll save it for a better time”.

You also begin to feel like a procrastinator and have a hard time with it all.

You may be surprised that those small, seemingly insignificant tasks can accumulate into an extra hour of work.

Introducing….The One Minute Rule

The rule is simple: If something takes less than one minute, just do it right now.

Instead of using your time to plan every single detail and prioritise your time – if you can do it now, do it! If you have a minute, do the task that’s right in front of you. No need to do any extra thinking or planning but more of getting things done and dusted.

What areas of life can this One Minute Rule be implemented?


Have lots of kids and the house is a mess? This may feel overwhelming, but take one minute to clean up the kitchen, put away the dishes or put away the toys in the living room. You may be surprised at how it can lighten your mental mood.


The one-minute rule doesn’t only apply to housework. You can also implement the rule into your professional life. For example, those emails you need to tick off – get what you can done in one minute. After all, it’s better than nothing.


Parents, ever heard children complaining about clearing the dinner table or feeling swamped with homework and projects to do? Try and tell them to give it one minute. If you’d like, you can even set a timer. For example, if you have three children and they need to clear the table, wipe down the dishes and put away any leftovers, let them work together. Really, if they work together it’s three minutes of manpower and more can get done faster!

The one-minute rule may not work for everyone and it doesn’t work for everything but it can declutter your life just that little bit and help you feel less stressed. If you put off fewer tasks by implementing the one-minute rule – the less you have to worry about planning later.

Try it today and list down what you’ve been able to get done. This is a great way to see if the one-minute will work for you!

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