5 Interesting Facts about Siblings

interesting facts about siblings

Interesting Facts about Siblings in the Family

Your can learn a lot through your siblings. They teach you how to share, communicate, fight, apologise and how you relate to others. Your brothers and sisters are a part of the family and that will never change.

Here are 5 interesting facts about siblings.

1. The sibling relationship can’t be matched

As we grow older, we all have people that come in and out of our lives at different stages. But siblings? They are there from the time we are born, through childhood and into adulthood. There is a sense of intimacy and familiarity that only a sibling can offer.

People can also get along without siblings. There are single children and unfortunately, it’s not so uncommon for people to be estranged from their siblings.

If you’ve got siblings, why not make the most out of that relationship? You can learn how to love, you can learn to listen and you can learn from their experiences.

There is no other bond quite like a sibling.

2. Firstborn children tend to be smarter

Research at the University of Leipzig conducted an examination of 20,000 people from all over the world to see how eurotic, extroverted, conscientious, open and agreeable they were. Science is increasingly showing that your birth order can affect who you are in different ways.

Firstborns also get more parental focus, even if parents aren’t aware of it. By the time an older child is 3 or 4 years old, parents have spent a good amount of time, physical resources and energy into them. Therefore, they get more total-immersion mentoring with their parents before younger siblings arrive.

3. Middle-born children often compromise and tend to flee the nest first

The middle children are the ones who usually compromise (even at their own expense) when sandwiched between younger and older siblings. They tend to invest in friendships outside the home and be much less connected to the family.

4. Younger children tend to be extroverts and rebellious in nature

According to a study by psychologist Richard Wiseman, younger children tend to have an easier time being humorous than compared to their older siblings. It is also believed that they are more creative and rebellious.

Researcher, Sheila van Berkel said, “That’s probably because they feel the need to stand up to their brother or sister to get attention from their parents”.

5. Parental conflict can bring siblings together

Parents are the anchors of a child’s life. When things are not going well with their parents, siblings look to each other for comfort and ways to pull together. Another reason why the sibling bond is like no other.

The Sibling Bond

Your siblings are like your friends for life. They are with you through the good times and the bad times. From your childhood to your adulthood, they have seen you through it all. If you have a sibling they are one of the greatest treasures. Learn from them (their victories and losses), listen to them, be there for them because they teach you how to love others well.

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