5 FREE Kindness Posters to help you Spread Kindness Everywhere

Kindness Posters

Spreading Kindness

Have you ever wondered if kindness mattered? Kindness is full of hope, positivity and compassion. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your gesture of kindness is – it still counts. Kindness matters – no matter how big or how small.

Imagine… What if the world went a whole day without kindness, what would that look like? Just imagine…

Now, what if I told you that kindness could change someone’s day or better yet, their life? You know, walking down the street giving a genuine smile to someone could literally change their day for the better. Would you continue to keep smiling at your neighbours, friends or even strangers of the street?

If kindness had a beautiful impact on someone’s life for the better, would you be kind?

Everyone is going through their own journey of ups and downs in life. If you could sprinkle more kindness in someone’s life, would you do it? Would you go the extra mile to be kind?

Did you know that kindness is contagious?

Logothetis told Operation Warm that, “If you care about someone, they will feel it, and if they feel it, they will pass it on.” It can be as simple as a smile to a stranger or paying for someone’s coffee. That’s the thing about kindness – it doesn’t have to have a monetary value or need to be paid back. It is given freely and genuinely.

5 FREE Kindness Posters for your Home, Classroom, or Church.

You are welcome to download these 5 FREE posters so you can help spread kindness in your world. Feel free to post it in your home, your children’s bedroom or even at church. You can also use these as wallpapers for your Phone or Desktop.

Spread Kindness Today!

To download your 5 free kindness posters, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Don’t worry, kindness is FREE! Be brave in spreading it everywhere.

have the courage kindness posters

According to Proverbs 16:24, kind words are sweet like honey.

proverbs 16:24 kindness posters

No act of kindness, however small, is EVER wasted.

cultivating kindness posters

To download the posters, click on the one you want below. It will open in a new tab and you can right-click to save the poster.

  1. Click Here – to download the “Kind Words are Sweet like Honey” poster
  2. Click Here – to download the “Cultivate Kindness” poster
  3. Click Here – to download the “Have Courage and Be Kind” poster
  4. Click Here – to download the “No Act of Kindnessis Ever Wasted” poster
  5. Click Here – to download the “If You Can Be Anything Be Kind” poster

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