Sharing the Gospel with Your Children

sharing gospel with children

How to Share the Gospel with Your Children

When children grow up in a Christian home, they are able to see and hear about Jesus all around them. Your children need to truly understand who Jesus is, why He is important and how it affects them.

They may see verses around the house, go to Sunday school, and pray before going to bed. But do they truly understand the impact of the sacrifice, the grace and love God has for them? Do they know how that impacts their life? Or how to apply Biblical principles to their situations in life?

Here are some ways to help you share the Gospel with your children.

Focus on understanding

When growing up, it’s common for Christian children to memorise verses, remember Bible stories and play games to learn about the Gospel. However, just hearing Bible stories i not enough. Just seeing Bible verses is not enough. Figuring out a puzzle that spells ‘mercy’ is not enough.

When you share the Gospel with your children, their understanding must come first in order for it to have true impact on their lives. They need to fully grasp the great sacrifice Jesus went through for them, the grace He has given every single person, and how they can glorify God throughout every aspect of their lives. Once they truly understand, they will have the understanding to go out into the world for God.

Experience makes all the difference

Let them experience the message of the Gospel. Stories, experiences and memories are what tend to have the most impact on people’s minds and actions. These vivid memories are hard to forget! For example, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. Do you think the people that witnessed that miracle forgot that wonderful teaching and imagery? Probably not.

You can bring your children on a mission trip, showing them how to give to others without receiving anything in return. You can encourage them to write a note or say kind words to each family member. Let them experience the message for themselves.

Use teachable moments

Teachable moments are a way to illustrate Biblical principles using everyday objects or circumstances. For example, if you go on a hike with your family you will see God’s creativity in the world through the scenery of all the mountains, trees, flowers, etc. This would be a ‘teachable moment’ where you can talk about how God created the world and how He is extremely creative and thoughtful about every detail.

Another example is when your child may have anxious thoughts about an exam or situation. In that moment, you can teach them about God’s presence, explain His peace and possibly share a verse they can meditate on.

You cannot prepare for a teachable moment. They are impromptu and can happen at any moment. It is important to learn how to identify them and make the most out of each moment.

Be the example

A big part in sharing the Gospel with your children is to be an example for them – someone they can look up to, follow and observe. Follow God’s guidance, develop and grow your personal relationship with Him. They watch your every move, listen to what you say, and learn through your life. Your children may understand what it means to live for God as they watch you live for Him.

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