5 Ways to Show Christ to Your Children Every Day

show christ to your children

Showing Christ to your Children Every Day

Getting lost in the busyness of this fallen world has become so easy. We forget that we have the ability to show Christ to our children every single day. Maybe it’s not in “big ways” every time, but maybe it’s also in the small ways. We can show Christ to everyone around us – our children, our coworkers, our church family and even strangers.

You can use the 5 ways to actually show your children Christ and the importance of placing Him in His rightful position in our lives – number 1.

Here are 5 ways to show Christ to your children every day:

1. Step back to spend time with God

Your children are watching you and they are learning from you every day. Stepping back from the world to step into God’s presence every day shows your children that God is more important than anything in the world. It shows them that God deserves our time and it’s a privilege to spend time with Him – alone.

By doing so, you are showing them that they need to develop their own relationship with Jesus. No one can do this for them, but it has to come from a love and desire for God.

2. Pray with them

Take the time to sit down with your children (individually or all together) and pray with each other – for 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever works for your family. If they are old enough, you can ask them to pray too. This way, they can learn how to pray to God and simply talk to Him.

Help them understand that they can pray anywhere, at any time, for anything. God is listening to their prayers and He loves it! Help them strengthen their own relationship with Christ through prayer – a fundamental pillar of a Christian’s life.

3. Teach them about God’s Word

With technology, there are so many ways to teach your children about God’s Word. You can find plans for kids on the YouVersion Bible app, or you can read the Bible from the app – The Beginners Bible.

You can also teach them by pulling out a Bible, sitting down at the dining table and discussing stories, principles and life lessons with each other. They can bring a notebook to take notes or write down their favourite verses.

4. Talk about their strengths and weaknesses

God’s given each of us our own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Some children will be able to identify their strengths, others may not. It’s important to encourage them in their strengths and to help them with their weaknesses.

By doing so, you can also show them that their true source of strength does not come from their own might but through the power of Jesus Christ. In their weaknesses, it’s a good opportunity to teach them that God loves them through all their mistakes and how much grace He’s truly given all of us.

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

5. Speak the truth about their sin with love

Disciplining children can be a difficult task. We want our children to be obedient but we also don’t want to break their spirit.

When you are correcting your child, tell them the honest truth about their action, but do so in love. What does that mean? Stay calm and collected, work through the problem together and speak to them with a loving tone. They may be more likely to respond with honesty and understand the reason for the discipline.

BONUS: Try adding worship nights into your calendar. If you and your family can play instruments, jam to worship music together. You can also just sit together and sing some worship songs or share new songs you’ve discovered.

Family is important to God and He’s shown us how to love our children and the people in our community. The way you love and nurture your children can help them see, feel and understand the love that comes from the Heavenly Father.

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