Tips to Keep Life Simple for Families

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Books. Furniture. Kitchenware. Old clothes/accessories. STUFF. Is your house full of stuff you probably haven’t touched in awhile? Scheduled too much for your week? Don’t have time for your family or yourself? We’ve all been there.

People say, “busy is good”, but it can certainly begin to challenge and overwhelm you. While it’s good to have a lot going on, it’s hard to manage and keep daily living simple. If we’re not careful, we can easily lose sight of what matters most to us, including one another.

To help overcome the some of these complexities and an attempt to “declutter” life, here are a few ways to help keep it simple.

Less is now

Too much clutter can often lead to stress and possibly overwhelm you. Before you put your feet up for the evening, take the time clear the floors and counter surfaces that don’t belong. Putting stuff back where they belong will help keep the clutter to a minimum and ensure your family maintains a greater sense of peace.

Too much clutter? Begin eliminating the things your family no longer wants or needs. Get your family together for 1 day and schedule a “Packing Party”. You can do it in 1 day or tackle room-by-room over a couple weeks.

Reduce screen time

Too much screen time can lead to information overload and overstimulation. Instead, use the time to do other activities, such as reading, exercising, talking as a family or even praying together.

Plan ahead

Be intentional with your time. The mornings are usually hectic, kids running around and a ton of things to remember. Keep a notepad where you can write down what you need to get done in the mornings. You can also schedule things the night before so your morning is less hectic. For example, packing school bags or prepping lunch.

Say Yes less

Determine your priorities as a family and make an effort to focus on the things matter to you. If you get an invitation, request or activity that does not align with your priorities, think twice before saying yes.

“Love people. Use things. The opposite never works.” – The Minimalists

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