Who is Generation Z & What Are Their Characteristics? [Infographic]

who is generation z

Who is Generation z?

Generation Z are born from 1995-2009, they are the students of today. Their formative years have been heavily shaped by digital devices, social networks and global connectivity. Gen Z is the future because in 10 years they will comprise of one-third of the workforce. With technology at their fingerprints, Gen Z lives in an open book environment where they can instantly access information.

How to Speak Gen Z?

Gen Z has created their own host of unwritten rules on social networks and speak and text in a whole different way! They are highly visual communicators and consume lots of information daily.

Here are some Gen Z words that are lit rn (cool right now):

  • Lit: “really awesome or cool”
  • rn: “right now”
  • All g: “all good”
  • Ttyl: “talk to you later”
  • Salty: “describing someone that is moody”
  • Fam: “not the actual family, but super close friends”

Confused yet? Not only do they use different words but they also consume content differently!

What are the statistics on Gen Z?

who is generation z infographic

The 4 Characteristics of Generation Z

The are Digital

Gen Z will learn through digital devices and activities. They not only learn through pen an paper but they’re beginning to learn digital skills to thrive in this changing world. Gen Z will probably know a bit about code – if they aren’t already an expert at it. They will also understand “Internet of Things”, “Augmented Reality” etc.

They are Global

Generation Z are growing up in the most globally connected society. There are no boundaries for communication anymore – you can interact with someone from any part of the world on Skype, Facebook, Instagram etc. Gen Z’s culture can now be influenced by different parts of the world like their fashion, slang, entertainment and food.

They are Visual

YouTube is the second most popular social media – 100 hours of content gets uploaded every minute. Gen Z are visual learners, they like to see and learn as they go. Consuming so much knowledge and information each day is difficult – images and videos help cut through the noise

They are Mobile

Generation Z is constantly on the go and highly adaptable to change. In fact, they love change and new adventures. They are happy to move jobs, homes, careers faster than any generation before.

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