Capacity Plus

What is Capacity Plus?

Capacity Plus is the training arm of NT Christian Schools. Capacity Plus includes accredited and non-accredited training, and it services both Aboriginal communities in remote areas and urban areas in Darwin, Katherine and Alice. It also provides accredited Vocational Education Training undertaken by senior high school students and others.

Capacity Plus was previously known as Transforming Training and has been delivering quality training in the NT for decades. In the 2022 NT Training Awards, Capacity Plus was awarded Runner Up in the category of Small Training Provider of the year – placing above the stiff competition of other high-quality RTOs.

A pathway for everyone

“All of our programs are working at equipping and empowering people, especially people trying to find their pathway,” explains Darran Plumb, Capacity Plus’ Director Of Training and Community Impact. “You might be a high school student, or you might be in a remote community. Either way, you want to grow. You want to flourish. And so our job is to help you flourish in your setting, find your path, find your future.”

“Every individual is created in God’s image. Every individual has their own unique skill set and gift mix. And so for you to flourish, you need to be able to express who you are as a unique individual.”

For a high school student that might mean doing an accredited Certificate II in a particular course as part of their senior high school studies. It could involve accredited training that puts them on a pathway to an apprenticeship, trade, or a vocation they love and enjoy.

Equally, it might be about an individual trying a couple of different courses as they consider their future and explore what they are passionate about. For a new parent living in a remote community, it might look like undertaking an eight-week FAST (Families and Schools Together) course in their local community, acquiring skills that strengthen their relationships and empower them to thrive as a family.

Proud history, exciting future

“We’ve seen Transforming Training provide opportunities for students across the Territory for decades,” explains NT Christian Schools CEO Phoebe van Bentum.

“Those opportunities have been very much in the areas of early learning and education support, community services, and construction and engineering, and each one of these has had a key part in the story of NT Christian Schools and in the story of our training.”
And in 2022, Capacity Plus underwent an exciting change.

“In 2022, under the training arm of Capacity Plus, we brought together the FAST program that looks after families and all of the registered training, in a continuum of training available through programs ranging from bespoke training opportunities for staff and students, all the way through to registered training that provides a qualification at the end.”