NT Christian Schools has been a member of Christian Education National family of schools in Australia from its inception. Christian Education National is the peak body for over 80 schools in Australia, all of who share a commitment to education from a uniquely Christian perspective and whose governance structures rely on the strong support and involvement of Christian parents and community members. They support their member school through communication, representation, conferences and sharing of ideas.

NT Christian Schools believe that Christian schools are only as strong and effective as our staff. That is why we use and support the National Institute for Christian Education. Teacher education, both professional development and post-graduate study from a Christian perspective, is essential to maintain and grow our unique perspective of education. NT Christian Schools has a close relationship with the National Institute and regularly supports staff members to engage in courses of study through the Institute.

NT Christian Schools is also a member of the Australian Association of Christian Schools, whose mission is to assist Christian schools in Australia, advocating for them and protecting their interests at a national level.