Good and effective governance is not simply something we work toward because it is a mechanism to meet secular compliance obligations. Good governance is ministry, and by engaging in it, we are maximising our effectiveness as a Christian organisation working in this ministry of education.

As an organisation, NT Christian Schools, therefore, has a number of levels of governance intended to provide a structure with a centralised system of governance and local empowerment for schools to do things in ways that reflect what is special and unique about their community.

School Councils operate at our schools as a subcommittee of the Board. They undertake the important tasks of acting to uphold the firm Christian foundation of the School community in accordance with the Statement of Faith, and forging effective partnerships between the parents and school community and staff.

The Principal of each school sits on their Council and is responsible for reporting to the NT Christian School Board (via communication with the CEO) regarding decisions.

The Board of NT Christian School is elected by the members. The Board is responsible for the governance of the entire organisation.

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