Benefits of working with NT Christian Schools

Are you torn between settling down to build your career and embarking on an exciting travel adventure?

Want to do impactful, Kingdom work and embark on the adventure of a lifetime?

As a teacher at NT Christian Schools, you can do both!

Whether you are a young teacher just starting out, or an experienced educator looking to make a real impact, NT Christian Schools can provide an opportunity to expand your horizons, professionally and personally.

At NT Christian Schools, we want to see our teachers and staff flourish in the gifts and talents God has given them. We strive to create an environment where staff are supported, resourced, challenged and encouraged to pursue everything God has for them.

Working at schools across the Territory — some close to Darwin and others more remote — you can be the Lord’s hands and feet as you educate, care for and train students in the Northern Territory.

Leadership opportunities

NT Christian Schools is committed to the learning and professional development of our staff and offers generous financial assistance for staff who pursue further approved study to develop their skills and expertise.

Further study support

We provide opportunities for staff to learn through the National Institute of Christian Education, paid for by NT Christian Schools. For example, teachers can do their masters and have that fully funded as they are doing their work. And, of course, we seek to find ways to be able to help staff with their studies with time set aside and through the support of our professional learning communities.

Relocation support

Support for our NT Christian Schools staff often begins before they arrive— with financial assistance provided for their move to the Territory to join the team. Upon arrival, new staff undertake an induction designed to instil a deep sense of belonging to the NT Christian Schools community.

Professional development

Once settled, line managers and colleagues work with each individual to chart a personal pathway to develop and meet their professional goals through study, collaboration, and taking on new challenges.

Supportive team culture

At NT Christian Schools, staff are valued as more than just somebody who comes to work and leaves again. The leadership team regards each employee as someone with a story they need to engage with and to support practically and emotionally—particularly during seasons of change or transition.


“In Christian education, there is a sense of God’s desire and work in changing hearts. Often that happens through really digging deep into the concepts we find in God’s word and unpacking them. But it’s also about our staff and teachers being people who have deep faith and can express that in conversation.”

– Madia Schatz, Middle School teacher, Sattler Christian College


“The staff come to work happy. People are stoked to be here. There’s a good vibe. We band together and plan together … And the staff love to hang out on a Friday afternoon and do things together on the weekends. There’s that feeling of living together and working together. You really get to know people deeply.” 

– Anna Lansdown, Teacher, Nhulunbuy Christian College


“I started as a teacher here in the Northern Territory, and it was an awesome introduction to aspects of Australia – the people from international backgrounds, First Nations people – in a place where there are incredible professional development opportunities, including coaching and mentoring. There’s so much opportunity in the Territory.” 

– Mark Twine, Principal, Nhulunbuy Christian College

Join the team at NT Christian Schools

“The recognition of devoted and dedicated staff going before the current team, to lay a solid foundation on which the school is thriving, draws in the next generation of community members.” – Principal Ken McAllister, Former Principal, Palmerston Christian College

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