NT Christian Schools is a member-based organisation with a layered governance structure. Legally, this is called a member-based company limited by guarantee and governed by a Constitution. 

Our governance involves Christian parents playing a key role in the strategic direction of the organisation at the system and local levels.

The members protect, preserve and perpetuate a vision for distinctively Christian education as our schools seek to support parents in their Biblical mandate to “train up a child in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6). 

Members elect the Board, and the Board is responsible for the governance of the entire organisation. Members of each local school community also elect a School Council that functions as a subcommittee of the Board. 

The role of each School Council is to make specific governance decisions that are relevant for that school community within mutually agreed parameters delegated by the Board. 

These parameters give local empowerment to School Councils to do many things in ways that reflect the unique characteristics of their school community.

Good governance is a ministry; by engaging in it, we are maximising our effectiveness as a Christian organisation working in the ministry of education.

Christian communities, learning together, offering hope

Enquiries about membership can be made at the office of any of our NT Christian Schools or by emailing our Company Secretary at