Why Christian education?

An essential aspect of the NT Christian Schools Christian approach to education is found in its commitment to helping each student uncover their personal pathway to flourishing. NT Christian Schools strives to assist students discover who they are as humans who are created in the image of God and uniquely gifted and live with a sense of purpose.

This involves supporting students to fully explore their unique selves while equipping and empowering them to transition from one stage of life to the next. NT Christian Schools, therefore, provides education, training and care that extends from infant child care to primary and high school to accredited vocational education training and non-accredited training designed to strengthen families and local communities.

“In Christian education, there is a sense of God’s desire and work in changing hearts. Often that happens through really digging deep into the concepts we find in God’s word and unpacking them. But it’s also about our staff and teachers being people who have deep faith and can express that in conversation. I really think that God desires for all humanity to come to him and have a relationship with Him. And that’s also the deep desire of our school – for children to hear His word, hear His call in their lives, and be people who not only have had their lives changed but who will go and change the lives of others in the future.” 

– Madia Schatz, Middle School teacher, Sattler Christian College

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