Junior – Middle School Colleges

At NT Christian Schools, we are passionate about providing our Primary and Middle School students with the foundations that will set them up to thrive in mind, body, soul and spirit. Our Primary Schools offer a dynamic learning environment where students enjoy a deep grounding in the foundations of literacy, numeracy and Christian life and character.

We teach ‘Integrated Units’ that combine a variety of learning areas to increase students’ understanding of how the world and their learning are connected rather than isolated from one another. 

With a focus on the Australian Curriculum subjects of history, geography, civics, science and design technology, teachers weave a thread of formational learning through each term’s focus. 

This approach promotes an engagement of wonder and curiosity as students explore the world around them. As curious and courageous learners, they develop their thinking, consider their heart response and engage in active discipleship to bring hope and responsive action into the world as God’s agents of compassion.

Our primary students enjoy literacy, biblical studies, formational studies, languages, visual arts, music, drama and dance, media arts, health and physical education, and technologies. 

Each of our NT Christian Schools has something special about them, reflecting the local area and community’s distinct personality and the school’s history.