Why choose NT Christian Schools?

“To be Christian communities, learning together to live life as God intended, offering hope for the world"

Thriving students, vibrant communities

At NT Christian Schools, we offer a Christian education grounded in the firm belief that every child is created in the image of God, is of inherent value, and has a unique contribution to make to the world. 

As teachers, carers, trainers, and staff, we are committed to a formational learning approach as we seek to embrace every student as an individual and provide each one with opportunities to grow in knowledge (head) and understanding (heart) for a life of character and purpose (hands).

With schools, early learning centres and a training arm, our multi-dimensional approach to education enables us to provide students with genuine support and real pathways beginning in early childhood and extending to adulthood.

Stunning campuses

With seven registered schools set on six stunning campuses across the Territory, our campuses celebrate the Territory’s natural beauty and provide contemporary learning environments where students can thrive in body, soul and spirit.

Specialised senior years education

Through NT Christian College, students receive the benefit of more than 30 years of senior school educational expertise delivered on-site at their campus.

Early Learning Centre care

Across our three Darwin based campuses, we offer early childhood and pre-school care and education through an on-site ELC – creating a smooth pathway to their Transition year.

Diverse community

Australia's northernmost region boasts a rich, eclectic culture that is influenced by being home to the largest population of First Nations peoples in the country and close proximity to Asia. This is reflected in NT Christian School communities that are vibrant, diverse and welcoming.

Northern Territory delights

The wonders of the Territory permeate school life at NT Christian Schools, taking everything from lunchtime to excursions to school camps to a new level in the stunning Territory playground.

NT Christian Schools seeks to provide education, training and care in faithful response to the Gospel of Christ by:


We are privileged to partner with parents and carers who have chosen Christian education for their child.

Christian Education 

We champion Christian Education in the Territory and beyond, convinced it adds value to Australia’s broad educational landscape.

Biblical perspective

We uphold the Bible’s wisdom as the foundation of our organisation and mission.


We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our organisation — from teaching and nurturing students, to governance and administration, to equipping students to flourish beyond their school years.

Christian communities, learning together, offering hope